An LMS or Learning Management System is a platform used by organisations to create, manage and deliver e-learning. Unlike the more generic LMS, an LXP or Learning Experience Platform is a significant step ahead.

An LXP is completely centred around the learner. Everybody learns differently; some may benefit from a ‘push’ style of learning, whilst others prefer a more independent ‘pull’ approach.  Unlike the unloved LMS which is often considered to be outdated and cumbersome an LXP is much more streamlined and tailored to directly meet the needs of your learners.

Managers and administrators can assign tasks and assets, whilst the learner has the power to drive their own development and select their own learning interactions. An LXP is focused on outcomes, rather than compliance.


The LRP is a Learning Experience Platform – and more. It is a dynamic platform which has the ability to showcase a range of modern and engaging learning experiences with exciting interactive features. The LRP will motivate employees to achieve their own personal goals and perform at their best, promoting maximum work efficiency throughout your organisation.

Ready to make a difference?

There’s never been a better time than right now to start making a difference for your employees, to simplify the complexity of your learning resources into a single consumer-like user experience that employees will not only love, but keep coming back to.