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The Learning Resource Platform (LRP) by BYG is a modern user experience and a powerful alternative to a traditional LMS.

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For 30 years BYG, an industry leader, has been trusted by global organisations to deliver creative and innovative bespoke digital learning and software solutions. So when you choose BYG’s LRP, you know you are getting a quality product and a partner you can rely on.

Your best resources and the best of the web

One place to discover and access all of your organisation’s best resources as well as the latest content from the Web.

Content creation
and curation

Utilise BYG’s expertise in digital content creation and develop your existing resources or create new ones.

Facilitate access by identifying and organising these resources.

A great
user experience

An appealing, attractive and easy to use interface that meets the expectations of modern learners.

Unlike unloved LMS systems, motivate your employees to visit and explore, encouraging
pull-style learning.

Personalised Learning paths

Efficiently get the right content to your employees!

Set deadlines, notifications and rewards to guide users’ learning experiences.


Use competition to generate and drive employees.

Create a personalised rewards store, recognising their participation and progress.

Career paths

Let employees drive their own development and retain your talent!

Direct learners to resources and learning paths to help them achieve their goals.


Don’t settle for ‘one size fits all’ platforms.

BYG’s LRP offers powerful customisation to make this YOUR learning platform, with the design and features YOU need!

Artificial Intelligence

BYG’s LRP can identify gaps in learners’ knowledge and recommend resources, based on their success in quizzes and assessments.

Administration & Reporting

Simply manage resources with easy-to-use, visual administration tools.

With detailed analytics and visual reports, customised to your specific needs.

Don’t currently have an LMS? The LRP has the key features of a standard LMS.

Or let it complement an existing LMS by linking content contained within it and hosting other related content.

Encourage discussions around resources.

Social media-style functionality, including rating, trending and sharing, builds a lively learning community and surfaces the best resources.

Communicate your most important messages via the campaigns billboard – the first thing users will see.

BYG’s LRP is fully-responsive.

No Wi-fi? No problem! The LRP has an offline player so learners can download assets to view anytime.

Ready to make a difference?

There’s never been a better time than right now to start making a difference for your employees, to simplify the complexity of your learning resources into a single consumer-like user experience that employees will not only love, but keep coming back to.